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Re: JW's in the news again
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The problem with the Catholic priesthood is not that they have a higher incidence of **** than the populace at large, but rather that they put **** in a position of trust and access to minors, and that they shielded these individuals from the law, and continue to do so to this very day.


Maybe I'm just a stickler for the proper descriptions, but a **** is someone who goes after little kids, virtually always pre-pubescent, and the younger the better. The infamous NAMBLA group used to campaign for pedo rights under the slogan "Sex by eight or its too late".

From the cite I posted earlier.

Specifically, between 1950 and 2002, there were 246 girls younger than 8 who were sexually abused by priests (representing 14 percent of all girl victims), compared with 236 boys (3 percent of all boy victims). However, the most likely age of victims—for girls and boys—was between 11 and 14.

So there was definitely some **** in the church, but much of it looks more like unscrupulous men taking advantage of adolescents. And that kind can be found throughout society. I'm not aware of any efforts to shield such people from the law today. Most of the coverage I've seen put the freedom to indulge in that sort of sordid conduct mostly before 1980. As I pointed out, as late as 1980 SNL thought guys who molested children were funny and worth a good skit. Most of society was similarly blind to the damage.

That doesn't mean there might not be individuals within the organization who are hiding information for fear of their previous actions in covering things up might be exposed, of course. But I think any organization today that tries to shield such people and cover up their crimes would be suicidal, especially one which has been guilty of such crime in the past and so would be under additional scrutiny.

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