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Re: Jewish population of Canada
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It sounds like you are saying that they are anti-Semites who are using criticism of Israel as an excuse.  It would be hard to prove that, as you are asking to look in someone's heart and see their true intentions.  My liberal Jewish friends are publishing articles saying that criticism of Israel isn't anti-Semitism.

I don't criticize Israel publicly, precisely because people like you might mistake me for being an anti-Semite.

I never criticized you as being anti-Semitic. It would depend on what context you criticise Israel. From my experiences, the moderates who are critical of some Israeli policies are usually eclipsed bymore vocal critics of Israel who actually cannot seperate the two

One wonders why Canadians are even pointing the finger at Israel when Canada has done much worse to our Indigenous peoples. Seems like a deflection method.

Instead of judging foreign countries, we as Canadians may want to take a good hard look at ourselves. We're no angels.
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