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Re: Jewish population of Canada
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I haven't seen anything convincing that Corbyn is antisemitic....   seems a lot of these people equate any criticism of Israel with antisemitism.
7 MPs quiting and with one saying:

>> Ms Berger said Labour had become institutionally anti-Semitic and she was "embarrassed and ashamed" to stay.

If that is not enough evidence to demonstrate a problem then you are being willfully obtuse. Keep in mind those words are said by Labour MPs who still care about all the issues the left wing politicians care about.

As for France, perhaps the issue depends a lot on the county.

The argument that "I am not anti-Jewish, I just think the Jewish state should not exist." does not resonate with me so I tend to view most of the arguments against the Israeli state to be covers for anti Semitism even if it is driven from the left wing bigotry against racial groups deemed to have "privilege" rather that a specific animosity towards Jews.

That said, if someone really wants to criticize the actions of the Israeli state without descending into anti Semitism then one has to first acknowledge that the Palestinians are not innocent bystanders and acknowledge the legitimate security concerns which Israel has. Almost no left wing anti-Israel type is willing to do this and instead simply demonizes Israel and Jews for beating up in "innocent" Palestinians. The latter is anti-Semitism especially when you consider that the same people routinely ignore much greater abuses in non-Jewish states.
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