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Re: Jewish population of Canada
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Well there are other sources with more specifics but the general point is Corbyn has created a Labour Party where anti-Jew sentiment is acceptable even if many of the conversations are private. This was one of the factors listed by the 7 MPs who recently quit Labour:

I think it is a lot of evidence for those willing to look that anti-Semitic sentiment is on the rise in Europe and a lot of it is coming from the left and not the far right who are more concerned about Muslim right now.

I haven't seen anything convincing that Corbyn is antisemitic....   seems a lot of these people equate any criticism of Israel with antisemitism. 

I agree that antisemitism is on the rise in parts of Europe.  The left though?  That's your right-wing wet-dream... the left-wing boogeyman!!   All the sources I have read have cited a rise in right-wing groups and the recent Muslim immigrant increases are to blame.


Antisemitism is rising sharply across Europe, experts have said, as France reported a 74% increase in the number of offences against Jews last year and Germany said the number of violent antisemitic attacks had surged by more than 60%.

A combination of factors seem to be to blame. In the past two decades, antisemitic attacks in Europe have generally peaked in line with tensions in the Middle East. “They were essentially the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, imported,” said Marc Knobel, a historian at the Crif umbrella group for France’s Jewish organisations. “Rather than attacking Israelis, people went for Jews.”

But since early last year, said Frédéric Potier of the French government’s anti-racism and antisemitism body Dilcrah, more traditional forms of antisemitism have re-emerged. “We are witnessing the resurgence of a virulent, far-right identity politics that does not hesitate to put its beliefs into action,” Potier told Le Monde.

Knobel said the taboos around antisemitism “had all but disappeared”, pointing to the re-emergence of longstanding antisemitic tropes involving Jews and money. In France, for example, he told Libération, the fact that Macron previously worked for the Rothschild merchant bank had “fuelled a load of rumours”.

Experts describe a “perfect storm” for antisemitic attacks combining the increasing influence of far-right groups and governments; the rise of conspiracy theories about a supposed global Zionist plot (and the scale on which they circulate on social media); and a general increase in the violence of public discourse.
A large influx of mostly Muslim refugees and migrants to Germany from 2015 has also led to a rise in antisemitic attacks by migrants from Arab states, although figures show an overwhelming majority of violence against Jews is perpetrated by far-right supporters. “Militant rightwing extremists are now openly calling for the desecration of Jewish institutions and attacks against Jewish people,” Pau said.
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