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Re: Jewish population of Canada
« Reply #15 on: March 08, 2019, 03:31:53 pm »
Do you think there are less, the same or more discrimination against Muslims? 

Seems, in Canada at least, that Muslims are often the target of bigotry and hatred...   

But, then again, maybe I just havenít heard of much antisemitism lately for whatever reason.

I do know that if we had fewer Muslims and Christians, antisemitism would probably decrease...   and if we had fewer Christians and Jews, then the anti-Muslim nonsense would likely be less.  We would also be further ahead in things like stem cell research...   the anti-abortion (anti-woman) nonsense would be lessened...  there would be less excuse to be completely ignorant about the world around us and the Cosmos in general (looking at you whacky creationists...).  Religion poisons everything.

French, Irish, Jewish, Japanese, etc. They have all faced discrimination in Canada at one point or another. Muslims are the only group where a small yet significant % wants us to adapt to their way of life (Sharia Law). No other cultural group has plotted terrorist attacks against Canada.

Many will find my comments extreme, but then again if social media had existed in the 30s, many would be dismissive of any criticism of the Third Reich. Ironic that Churchill himself was one of the first people to speak openly against Hitler and Islam as threats to Western democracy
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