Author Topic: Is who you are how you post?  (Read 219 times)

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Re: Is who you are how you post?
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What makes you think no-one is attempting to fix them?  You aren't the only problem solver in the world and other people with more knowledge, skill or pull then you have could be well on the way to solving these problems already, even if you can't see them and even if you disagree with their solutions.

Okay, what is being done about health care? As far as I'm aware, nothing. We don't get as good a system as European countries who pay the same, and it's becoming more unsustainable, becoming the program which ate the provinces. Why isn't that being addressed? Why hasn't it been addressed for the last decade?  Why does the government pay so much attention to renegotiating NAFTA when an internal free trade agreement among the provinces would benefit us far more? Why isn't that being addressed? When is someone going to do something to address the native issue beyond minor tweaking?
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