Author Topic: Is who you are how you post?  (Read 219 times)

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Re: Is who you are how you post?
« Reply #15 on: August 25, 2017, 03:20:42 pm »
I think you people are all missing the point of the OP, which is how your being an introvert or extrovert impacts your writing, your opinions, your beliefs, and how you state them and what you care and how you post about it.

For example, I am a notorious problem solver. Every time I hear about something that isn't working, be it a relationship or a government program, my mind instantly starts considering ways to fix it. This has caused some... issues in real life. For example, my persuading two female colleagues who were feuding to have a coffee together which almost degenerated into a cat fight in the cafeteria.

In terms of my posting, I think most of you have read enough of my complaints about various government policies and programs over the years to see this 'problem solving' fixation of mine. Whether it's health care, natives, the military, immigration, taxation or government efficiency, I remain frustrated by all the problems that no one is even attempting to fix.

What makes you think no-one is attempting to fix them?  You aren't the only problem solver in the world and other people with more knowledge, skill or pull then you have could be well on the way to solving these problems already, even if you can't see them and even if you disagree with their solutions.