Author Topic: Is The College Intolerance Meme Bullshit ?  (Read 5731 times)

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Re: Is The College Intolerance Meme Bullshit ?
« on: October 19, 2017, 09:19:00 am »
Ok, maybe they don't enjoy it, but it still seems to be happening.

Seems to be, or is ?

How would we know, exactly, if this is news or just more attention to something that has been happening forever ?

'Because it's in the news' isn't a reason.

Maybe those suppressing free speech are a small minority, but they're a small minority that is getting their way, aren't they?


Are they ?  More than before ?  Did we know that colleges are more 'open' than society in general ?  Has that been mentioned in all of these stories, as in closing with " It should be noted, however, colleges and universities are still more tolerant of differing view than society as a whole."

For that matter...  is this report even right ?

I base my reliance on this on the Economist's reputation and this statement:

Answers can be found in General Social Survey (GSS), an academic questionnaire which has probed American attitudes on free speech for decades.

We have to re-examine everything these days.  We are through the looking glass.