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What are they doing that's unethical?

They sell at lower prices than their competitors and then buy them out.  They track the sales of individuals selling on their site and eventually use the sales data to undersell them with their best selling products.  The purchase of Whole Foods was almost a hostile takeover last year and ended up happening this year with Whole Foods CEO basically getting to keep his job in return for the purchase.  They're now in monopoly territory and some would say they already are there.

Nothing illegal and good for them, they've been very successful and I do occasionally buy from them, but generally I like to support smaller businesses so I personally would feel conflicted.

If you can put that aside, they're basically unstoppable at this point and unlike facebook which I could see one day losing ground, I can't see what could possibly change in the future for Amazon.  Their aggressive tactics and expansion into so many different industries (they really are a conglomerate at this point), coupled with their technology and work culture, they're a force to be reckoned with. 

Bezos is gonna takover Bill Gates as the world's richest very soon.