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Re: Investments
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Mutual Funds and ETF's (exchange traded funds) can follow all types of passive/active strategies and a broad range of asset allocations from stocks to futures to bonds.

I own and have owned everything from sectors (US banks, US homebuilders, US real estate due to a spinoff from US banks, etc) to CDN O&G and CDN Materials to CDN preferred shares, to countries (anyone into Portugal? Italy, Austria, UK, Chile etc).   

Even have owned coffee (JO) and leveraged futures ETF's which I will no longer touch (3 times junior gold minor bear fund or 3 times natural gas bear funds are too easy and too quick to lose money).

But lets face reality- I derive most of my joy from the individual stocks I buy.

Win or lose, I just love reading the quarterly reports each time and deciding if I would be willing to buy at the current price (so hold the investment and/or buy more) or if it is time to sell.

Skin in the game makes me care.

It's why I invested into CDN O&G - so I can focus on what is BS (eg. the political types blaming the AB NDP for all the woes) and the legitimate challenges to the sector (renewables, OPEC, climate change policies etc). 

So sometimes the goals are not entirely financial but investing is always, first and foremost, fun.

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