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Re: Investments
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All this isn't very relevant to me. All of my investments are in Mutual funds within my RRSP. Most of my mutual funds are in index funds (most Canadian, some global) so I don't necessarily think about individual stocks, and the broad base reduces my risks.

You sound like a guy who does not know what you are invested in.

Mutual funds could be anything from 100% stocks to 100% bonds.

Consider checking out some charts of what happened in 2008/2009:  Emerging Markets down 55%, US markets down 50%, Canada down 53%, even Vanguard Total Index (essentially the world) was down 42% (from 2008 - it was not around at peak values of 2007ish).

But that is for stocks.

Bonds/Preferred shares held their value much better. Some did not even lose money.

Know what you own, know why you own it, and then you can sleep easy at night.
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