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The way he is slashing regulations and oversight, I think the Trumpster is setting us up for another 2008.  I will be reducing my equity exposure over the next couple of years regardless of crappy interest rates.
I agree that Trump may be setting up the financial system for another collapse. And, much of the current rise in stocks is not based on actual changes, but on the (probably soon to be dashed) hopes and dreams of investors, who seem to only be looking at the "good" (possible tax cuts improving dividends) and ignoring the bad (rising deficits).  However, it may take years for reality to set in for investors, so financial stocks may continue to rise for a while before they correct themselves.

All this isn't very relevant to me. All of my investments are in Mutual funds within my RRSP. Most of my mutual funds are in index funds (most Canadian, some global) so I don't necessarily think about individual stocks, and the broad base reduces my risks.