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Re: Interesting videos
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1. I found it interesting how he talks about a new and more ruthless style of capitalism arising from the US fixation on providing value to shareholders, and how this negates partnerships between business, workers, suppliers and customers in favour of a business takes all type of operation. I hadn't considered that before.

2. I don't turn the other cheek. Also, while I consider myself to be a Libertarian/Conservative mix, I am subject to the kinds of emotional/moral responses on certain subjects, which engenders a contempt for people holding certain positions (incl Fascists and Marxists).


1. SHORT term value to shareholders too.  I remember the story from the 90s about IBM ending their lucrative mainframe leasing business, to sell them for big payouts and bonuses. 

2. "Turn the other cheek" is response to an attack, as suggested by Christian values.  Demonizing is about framing issues as Haidt has said but blaming and judging people rather than looking for 3rd ways.  Marxism is supposed to be an entirely rational response to history and economics, so certainly an emotional response isn't needed to such a thing.