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Re: Interesting videos
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Well, I really enjoyed that although I didn't learn much.  His call for 3rd way liberal capitalism is pretty much where I have been politically.  What's odd to me is that you are promoting this and I am learning about it from you rather than the other way around.

I've never been an advocate of unrestrained Capitalism. Particularly since 2008. That doesn't mean I don't, as Haidt does, acknowledge it's tremendous value in providing wealth to society. It's because of my realization of how cruel (for want of a better term) Capitalism can be that I support a degree of Socialism in the system. The question is over the degree. How far to go, and how much damage it will do to 'dynamism' as he puts it. I found it interesting how he talks about a new and more ruthless style of capitalism arising from the US fixation on providing value to shareholders, and how this negates partnerships between business, workers, suppliers and customers in favour of a business takes all type of operation. I hadn't considered that before.

Did you note at the end where he says that if we don't "demonize" each other ? It's at 23:21.

I generally agree with him, but as I've said on numerous occasions, I don't turn the other cheek. Also, while I consider myself to be a Libertarian/Conservative mix, I am subject to the kinds of emotional/moral responses on certain subjects, which engenders a contempt for people holding certain positions (incl Fascists and Marxists).

The key to achieving the 3rd way that Haidt describes, is an open and clean information environment.  How to achieve this is, in his words, a "wicked" problem.

Yes, but achieving that when people are approaching things from entirely different viewpoints is difficult.
"When liberals insist that only fascists will defend borders then voters will hire fascists to do the job liberals won't do." David Frum
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