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Re: Interesting videos
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I was over on Galliano Island for a bit of a summer holiday one time and as we were driving around one of these boys came around the corner. When I got back to the cabin I had rented the owner explained there was a car show going on that weekend. Went down and sure enough found the Tatra parked and got the lowdown as to how they were produced by aviation engineers after the Nazis invaded Czechoslovakia. I even got to go for a ride.

After the 1938 invasion of Czechoslovakia by Nazi Germany, Tatras were kept in production, largely because Germans liked the cars. Many German officers died in car accidents caused by driving the heavy, rear-engined Tatras faster around corners than they could handle. At the time, as an anecdote, Tatra became known as the 'Czech Secret Weapon' for the scores of officers who died behind the wheel; at one point official orders were issued forbidding German officers from driving Tatras
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