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Re: Interesting videos
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Great in theory but who gets to decide what the content of these classes will be? Indoctrinating the next generation of leaders with the obsessions of the Laurentian elite (currently identity politics/climate posturing/unfettered immigration etc) will hardly increase respect for the leaders no matter how talented they are.
University courses taught by the SJW zealots that currently infest academia in Canada?

I would not think there'd be much in the way of politics before post-secondary. At that point, well, all our political leaders go through university NOW, so all that would change is that the curriculum would be specifically tailored to those headed for political office. I agree that the lack of political diversity on university campuses is a major issue that needs to be solved. But that's not the point of this question.

The more important question would be who determines the criteria for advancement through the ranks of politicians. Who decides which one did well as a trustee and should be moved up, or which one did well as a city councilor and should be moved to the provincial level? For that I would suggest boards made up of a diverse group nominated from various entities like the bar association, the Canadian medical association, unions, religious bodies, the military. Broadly speaking, how about one ex-military officer, one lawyer, one doctor, one union activist, one teacher, one religious figure, one cop/ex cop, one scientist, one small business rep and one big business rep on each board? 

Possibly these could be elected positions by the groups they represent, but no political parties would be allowed.
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