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Re: Interesting videos
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Democracy can work. It just isn't working now.
Only a rare few attend actual debates or speeches.
That's why I've been suggesting for years that, at a minimum, people should be rquired to register to vote, as they do in the US, and pass a basic knowledge test.

Yes, usually the right wing candidates skip the debates like several of Doug Ford's candidates did a few months back. Ford himself skipped at least one of the leaders debates as well.
You are required to register to vote, and the system in Ontario makes it very hard. I moved before the vote this spring and tried to change it online and the system failed. I sent an email that was never responded to. I went to the regional elections office and they couldn't change it either. At least they gave me a paper signed by the polling officer that I could hand in at the poll. One day before election day I received a postcard that said I was now on the list. At the poll however they didn't have my name, but at least that paper I got before worked.