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Re: Interesting videos
« Reply #30 on: July 16, 2018, 03:22:06 pm »
I would like to see a meritocracy, where the best and brightest children (after testing) are guided into special classes which will produce the next generation of leaders.
Great in theory but who gets to decide what the content of these classes will be? Indoctrinating the next generation of leaders with the obsessions of the Laurentian elite (currently identity politics/climate posturing/unfettered immigration etc) will hardly increase respect for the leaders no matter how talented they are.

They'll take university courses that prepare them to run government and deal with the people, then be placed as something like a school trustee, as a first step, then on to local town councilor, city councilor, then MPP, then MP, then into cabinet, depending on their demonstrated abilities, and observed  honesty and integrity.
University courses taught by the SJW zealots that currently infest academia in Canada? This does not inspire confidence.

Democracy for all, even the ignorant, has the virtue of being simple and inclusive. It is not perfect but it can be self correcting. Trump, as much as I despise him, was a correction made necessary by the arrogance of the coastal elites in the US. Unfortunately, I fear this correction will do real and lasting damage to the world economy without addressing the real issues (such as Chinese mercantilism) because Trump is such an incompetent negotiator.