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Re: Interesting videos
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I watched the Rees Moog interview and while I don't share many of his views he comes across as very credible. I think his assertion that he wouldn't try to impose his religious beliefs on Parliament and to respect the national will is believable. We have a tradition of that in our country. Chretien was a practicing Catholic and Harper an active Christian but neither tried challenge women's reproductive rights or same sex marriage. To keep a campaign promise, Harper asked Parliament whether the issue of same sex marriage should be reopened, it said no and he said the issue was dead as far as he was concerned.

I think the other interesting aspect of this video, one I hadn't quite grasped at first, was how very different it was from Canada in that here was a backbench MP on national TV being questioned about HIMSELF. Not about party policy. About him. And he was clearly speaking openly, freely, and in an unrehearsed manner. How often do you see any politician in Canada in an interview like that? The PMO in Canada, or the party whip's office, closely watches and controls everything caucus says, and their members have to clear any speeches or interviews with the party whip. What we tend to get are canned replies straight out of the policy manual, and then the politician in question weaseling away from answering anything that varies from those rehearsed talking points.

And it's that sort of thing that attracts people to the likes of Trump and Ford.

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