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Re: Interesting videos
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It might actually have some affect on the kind of dummies who would watch this hoping it was real. To be 100% honest, I watched the first few seconds, just long enough to get the name of the guy and then google it along with "cancer conspiracy theories". and then just  his name and 'cancer'.

Because anyone who has a reasonably good grip on reality would know that the idea there's a world-wide conspiracy among the medical and pharmaceautical industries to supress an easy, well-known cure for cancer is total bullshit. It makes no sense and is completely impossible. It is a sad indictment of our educational system and society that so many millions fall for this crap.

This isn't a new thing.  In days gone by some people believed there was a plot by oil companies to hide a "100 mile per gallon carburetor", or cars that could run on water, or so on, from the public. "A scientist invented it, but he mysteriously vanished, and the only prototype vanished too, and all his research notes were destroyed in a fire!" 

I have an uncle who believes in all kinds of new age mumbo-jumbo.  Over the years he's been into every kind of hokum. Once upon a time he had me demonstrate one of those magnetic bracelets that supposedly give you energy or chi or some ****.  He had me hold out my arm and pushed down on it. Then he had me wear the magnetic bracelet, and lo and behold he couldn't push my arm down anymore. Magic! It really works! Wow.  Last year when I saw him he had been reading about some blueprints for a perpetual energy machine that Nikola Tesla had invented.  Edison suppressed the design for many years, to protect his electrical business. But finally the lost blueprints have been discovered! And for just a few hundred dollars you can buy the blueprints from Some Guy On The Internet who has mysteriously come into possession of them! Wow!  This technology would revolutionize the world, but incredibly, only some random guy on the internet has the secret to it.

My uncle was, perhaps not coincidentally, one of the guys who jumped hard on the Trump bandwagon, believing El Trumpo to be a superhero fighting against a secret elite cabal who have been gaming the system against us little-people for centuries.

And that seems to be a recurring theme... whether it's "the elite cabal" or "big government" or "the Rothschilds" or "big pharma" or "big oil" or "the scientific establishment" or Thomas Edison and "big electrical", there's always an "evil enemy" that's oppressing us little-people in these theories. I feel like that's one of the key hooks that gets people to buy in. People want to feel like they're joining some kind of movement to rebel against oppression.  And I feel like another aspect is that people love to think that they've discovered something that other people don't know. People love feeling like they're in on a secret. I think that's a big part of the allure of these scams.  "Doctors don't want you to know about this one simple trick!" or similar phrases appear in so many ads.  It draws people like a magnetc... and I know my uncle is someone who likes the feeling of thinking he's discovered something the rest of us don't know.

And my uncle isn't a dumb guy, per se. He's not a drop-out, he's had successful business ventures, he's done pretty well.  I don't understand why he falls for this stuff, but I don't think it's lack of education or lack of intelligence.  Somewhere along the way he either didn't develop the ability to think critically, or whatever critical thinking he developed got overwhelmed by his enthusiasm for magical thinking.

In a similar vein to waldo's video... probably most Canadians around my age will remember seeing this on TV:

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