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Re: Interesting videos
« on: July 15, 2018, 11:43:55 am »
What do "we already know"?  His message isn't that these things are true even though polite society won't talk about them. It's that refusing to talk about them has harmful consequences.

MH was talking about the first video, the one featuring a British Conservative party MP, and not the one by Trevor Philips. I agree that was Phillips principle message.

He talked about failure of integration contributing to the homegrown British radicals that carried out the subway attack.  Multiculturalism works and people integrate are progressive dogma, but Philips asks whether that's really true in a society where at the end of the work day people go home to these ethnic enclaves-- "sunset segregation", he called it... something that we see happening here in Canada as well.

Yes, and I think this is one of the most important points he had to make. That if we allow ourselves to settle into individual 'nations' where people don't encounter anyone outside their own culture, we fail to identify with each other, and start seeing each other as 'the other'. This is particularly bad when those ghettos consist of individuals who immigrated from countries with social values and views hostile to our own.

There are, in the UK, a number of schools where the great majority of the student body are Muslim Asians, for example. If a child is raised in a Muslim Asian enclave, with the social values of their homeland, goes to school alongside mostly other Muslim Asian kids, goes to mosque, and comes home to play in his Muslim Asian enclave, just how much ability is he or she going to have to see eye to eye with those who grow up in 'mainstream' areas with entirely different social values or views? He will not adopt their ways, but will hold to views hostile to theirs. And this is the grounds from which extremism spring.

If one wanted to have a Canadian version of Philips' discussion, a good place to start might be in regard to gang related crime in Toronto.

This is a second important note. Yes, you're not allowed to observe the ethnic nature of crime in Canada. The media won't report on it, and if you bring it up people will call you names. I do bring it up, and the usual suspects here call me names for doing so. Yet as Phillips points out, you need to acknowledge it in order to address it.

The media constantly talks about 'gangs' and 'youth crime' as if it had no ethnic dimension. If they ever acknowledge any it's to suggest gangs are from all races. But we all know they're mostly brown people from specific ethnic groups. When a feel-good story about a youth community center for Somali youth was published a year or so back, the reporter honestly, and probably mistakenly let slip the tidbit that half the youth in custody at the Ottawa regional detention centre were Somalians. That's not a factum you'll ever see reported in a story on crime or youth violence.

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