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Re: Interesting videos
« on: July 15, 2018, 10:57:20 am »
Agree with your assessment but it's sad to me that we need someone to teach us what we already know.  And would he even have a chance ?

What do "we already know"?  His message isn't that these things are true even though polite society won't talk about them. It's that refusing to talk about them has harmful consequences. He talks about the Rotherham scandal, which we've talked about here at length, and  how fear of causing racial tension was one of the prime factors  in allowing the crime to continue as long as it did.   He talked about failure of integration contributing to the homegrown British radicals that carried out the subway attack.  Multiculturalism works and people integrate are progressive dogma, but Philips asks whether that's really true in a society where at the end of the work day people go home to these ethnic enclaves-- "sunset segregation", he called it... something that we see happening here in Canada as well.

If one wanted to have a Canadian version of Philips' discussion, a good place to start might be in regard to gang related crime in Toronto.

A little girl got shot in a park, and Mayor Tory vowed to bring the "sewer rats" responsible to justice. "Hey, that's racist! Apologize to black people!" cried an activist, even though Tory had said nothing about race and the race of the suspects was not yet known at that point.   The activist knew, and Tory probably knew as well, what race the suspects were going to be.   There's this weird dichotomy right now, where you can't talk about a racial aspect to criminal activity, and yet having information about racial dimensions to criminal activity is important for community groups and government agencies trying to create preventative measures to combat the problem that nobody is supposed to talk about.

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