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Re: Interesting videos
« on: July 14, 2018, 02:23:26 pm »
The backbencher Tory is simply explaining tolerance.  It's very sad that so many people don't understand it.  It's worse that people are exploiting intolerance for political gain, both left and right.

I guess what impressed me was how skillfully he explained it and how articulate he was in doing so. And his matter of fact attitude when asked if he would like to change the law on abortion, where he said that of course he would but unless there was a marked change in societal values that was simply not going to happen. He treated the idea that he would try to foist off his religious based values onto the public against the public's will as if it wasn't something that would ever even occur to him to try, and he could barely understand why anyone would even suggest otherwise. And he did it quite convincingly. I can see why people are impressed with him and talking about him as a possible leadership candidate.
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