Author Topic: Insidiousness of Alt-Right Recruitment  (Read 470 times)

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Re: Insidiousness of Alt-Right Recruitment
« on: December 07, 2019, 12:16:24 pm »
Reddit and google didn't fail this kid, his parents did.  My 13-year old son wouldn't have private internet access where he could browse to his heart's content, that's just irresponsible parenting given the wild west of the internet.  I'd have a desktop in the middle of the living room so there was no privacy to read/view whatever he wanted.

30-35 years ago conservative parents wanted record companies to be more responsible for the music that was recorded and wanted music censored because of misogynist, profane, violent, sexual music content etc.  This argument extended into video games, TV, comic books etc. The left-wing argument was that artists should be free from censorship and parents should be more responsible for looking at the entertainment content of what their kids are exposed to.  A compromise was a ratings system for music and video games that would ensure artistic expression but give parents better tools for choosing content for children.

Now the opposite is happening where many left-wing people want offensive things censored and conservatives are defending artistic expression and free speech.  Funny how it completely flipped.  It was also the case where older people tended to do the censoring and the younger were defending free speech/artistic expression, now it's the opposite.

I think you should actually read the article before bashing his parents, and the embedded linked article written by his mother.

His parents were aware of what he was doing. It's a matter of how they dealt with it:
A punitive approach could have the opposite effect and drive him farther down the rabbit hole.
I applaud their strength and courage.

Going with him to the Trump rally was exactly the right thing to do.

However, I still believe that some form of age appropriate rating system could help. We do it for books, games, and films ... why not the internet?
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