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Re: I Hate White Men Thread
« on: March 15, 2019, 03:09:45 pm »
Well sure they are but ignoring the things that influence them that we can do something about, like anti-Muslim sentiment, seems foolish.

So far on twitter i've seen Donald Trump, Ben Shapiro, Candice Owens, Jordan Peterson, PewDiePie, and Tucker Carlson being blamed for this shooting.  So if you're on the right and on twitter with lots of followers, or are pewdiepie, you're to blame apparently.  Some of these people have criticized Islam, none of these people as i'm aware have called for violence against them.

Is anti-white/anti-west sentiment to be "dealt with" in order to prevent radical Muslim terrorist attacks in the west?  Can we not criticize Israeli policies in order to reduce anti-semitism?
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