Author Topic: Hurricane Irma - The Strongest Ever Recorded in the Atlantic  (Read 342 times)

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Rush Limbaugh is telling his listeners that the hurricane hysteria is just fake news created to sell emergency supplies and hype climate change.   Hopefully Rush stays in his Palm Beach home when Irma hits to prove that it's all fake.  Hopefully his Florida listeners will likewise follow his advice and give the finger to those liberal climate scientists by staying put to show that hurricanes are fake.

Meanwhile the religious fanatics are reminding everyone that this is all the fault of the homosexuals and that the hurricanes are God's punishment for gayifying everything.  It always puzzles me that God is always punishing conservative states in the US Deep South for the sins of the homosexuals.  It seems like God should be sending the hurricanes to the west coast and the US north east.  God moves in strange ways.  Has anyone explored the possibility that God is punishing the Deep South for voting Trump?

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