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Re: How about a Discussion on Jordan Peterson?
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He killed God but didn't kill morality.

Yes, you are correct.  What he did was dissect it and see it as a human activity that meets human needs, and framed it as you said correctly.  I wasn't careful enough in my language there.

Yes but also things like climate science.  Even if your hypothesis is wrong you need to report all the data, and not conveniently ignore the data that disproves your "denier" or "alarmist" agenda.

Well... maybe but I don't think Richard Lindzen or Michael Mann are normally referred to as 'activists'.  They are primarily scientists and if someone tags them as 'activists' I suspect it's an effort to discredit them.  I agree with your principle of intellectual honesty.  Both of these scientists, I'm sure, know the perils of lying.
I think politics is still hard even everyone agrees 100% on all the facts, because people with different moralities (philosophies/ideologies) will still disagree on how to solve whatever problem they're looking at.


He didn't blow it, that's just your opinion. 

Well, everything here is my opinion really.  Even when I relay facts they're facts that I *believe* are true.

He's still very popular,

Ok but being popular is under the bar for being able to facilitate discussions such as the ones he tries to broker.  Rush Limbaugh is also 'popular'.

  He's more careful with his language than anyone, he talks about that all the time, because if he says something in just the wrong way people will slay him for it, because to many people he's the enemy and they're waiting to jump on him on any stumble.

No, he's sloppy with language AND thinking.  I think it was the Joe Rogan podcast where he was talking about imposing social rules on the collective and Rogan caught a contradiction ?  Joe Rogan.  Also there's the ridiculous tendency to call people 'Post Modern Marxists' which sounds incorrect... like saying "Christian Athiest"

The mob (left or right) attacks anyone who counters their agenda.  It's information warfare out there.

Who cares about the mob ?  If they are so misguided then don't bring them up.  Trump's mob is also idiotic but I don't use them as evidence that Trump's ideas are bad.

He's just a guy, he's not a saviour.  His opinions don't have to 100% have to match yours or mine.  That's the whole point.

I would think that a public intellectual would try to help public conversations happen.  Actually, they should do that.  He fails because he's lazy and appears to offend people on purpose while trying to promote 'civil discourse'. 

Because his views offend you?  He's a heretic!  Burn him at the stake!
When did he do that?  Link?

I have read about it, in the past, in several places.  Quick Google gave me this:

On November 19th, 2016 Dr. Peterson engaged in a debate with UBC’s Dr. Mary Bryson, Senior Associate Dean and Professor in the Faculty of Education, who is gender nonbinary and uses the pronouns “they/them.” ... Peterson repeatedly misgendered Dr. Bryson, referring to them as “she” and “her.

Also, to add: I have been pretty reasonable about my reasons that he should be rejected as anything more than a marginal voice in the discussion.  The 'burn him at the stake !' comment is undermining your assertion that his opponents are unreasonable and his proponents are reasonable.

Whose rights is he denying?  His whole argument is that the government is denying HIS rights by enforcing compelled speech.

He's denying the right of people to define their gender identity.  He has never been compelled to use a specific word or phrase by the government.

Which extremists is he associating with?   

The Rebels promotion of race haters, their inclusion of Proud Boys founder and Faith Goldy is a good measure of their extremism.  He signed up to raise money for himself with them.
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