Author Topic: How about a Discussion on Jordan Peterson?  (Read 4628 times)

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Re: How about a Discussion on Jordan Peterson?
« Reply #30 on: October 15, 2020, 09:47:27 pm »
I didn't suggest that Jordan's crowd are a bunch of Christians. They're more wannabe intellectuals than that, even though many are expectant Christians.
I think that Jordan offers an expectation for them that their faith can be plausible in the face of evidence that proves it just isn't. They think that Jordan's explaining, doubletalk, and hairsplitting  can make religous faith work.  But of course it never can.

This is just nonsense.  I listen to a lot of Jordan's stuff and I'm an athiest.  He does talk about Christianity though and is a Christian but he talks more about Christian mythmaking etc and the moral value and lessons in their stories and whatnot.

I didn't know you were a wannabe intellectual if you listen to the man's perspectives.  Thanks!  Like squiggy said i think you're reading the room wrong.  You clearly are a staunchly leftwing and don't like his views, therefore he and people who listen to him are simpleton retardos to you.
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