Author Topic: How about a Discussion on Jordan Peterson?  (Read 4628 times)

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Re: How about a Discussion on Jordan Peterson?
« Reply #30 on: October 15, 2020, 09:37:48 pm »
Language changes all the time, so if a word became commonly used it wouldn't be a 'made-up term' - I suppose the people who're interested in having a third pronoun to indicate non-gender are hoping for that outcome.

I don't mind calling people what they prefer, so if I met someone that wanted me to refer to them as "zhe', I would try to accommodate that even if I thought it was a bit weird or something.  Also, does spoken 'zhe' sound much like spoken 'she'?

Of course, you might ask me if I'd refer to someone as a pumpkin, if zhe asked me to.  And yes, for the time I was with them, I probably would - unless it was my job to talk them out of referring to themselves as a pumpkin, or if I was on an internet forum in which disagreement was the point of the discussion.

I agree it's best to use pronouns that people prefer typically, but that's not Peterson's argument.  Do you think the government should compel us by law to do so?  And if we refuse the punishment is fines, being sued, or men with guns and clubs throwing us in jail.
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