Author Topic: How about a Discussion on Jordan Peterson?  (Read 4628 times)

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Re: How about a Discussion on Jordan Peterson?
« Reply #30 on: October 15, 2020, 09:20:44 pm »
Right, but he is known chiefly as the person who killed 'God' and morality by dissecting it and breaking it down as a human need.
He killed God but didn't kill morality.  He said God was dead and isn't the maker of our morality any more, we have free will and logic to make our own morality, and this will cause nihilism before you begin to build your moral system based on what you believe is right and wrong, not what the Bible or Church says.

'Activism' is different, but I see what you are saying.  It has come to mean fighting for identity politics and the onboard morality it contains.  I think that the primary goal of an academic is/should be knowledge.

Yes but also things like climate science.  Even if your hypothesis is wrong you need to report all the data, and not conveniently ignore the data that disproves your "denier" or "alarmist" agenda.
Yes, and politics is difficult between it sits between "pure" knowledge and emotions.  But if it drifts one way or the other then a correction happens.

I think politics is still hard even everyone agrees 100% on all the facts, because people with different moralities (philosophies/ideologies) will still disagree on how to solve whatever problem they're looking at.

The thing is, he had a foothold in being a contrarian in the service of "civil discourse" and he blew it.  All he would have had to do is be a little more careful with his language.  Did he deserve to be demonized ?  I would say not, but he was the one who blew it.  You can blame the mob, but I don't blame a dog who bites me I blame the master, the leash maker, my wife, you, Waldo... anybody else... but the dog and myself...

He didn't blow it, that's just your opinion.  He's still very popular, he hasn't been working publicly because he's been hospitalized and very sick the last year or so.  He's more careful with his language than anyone, he talks about that all the time, because if he says something in just the wrong way people will slay him for it, because to many people he's the enemy and they're waiting to jump on him on any stumble.  The mob (left or right) attacks anyone who counters their agenda.  It's information warfare out there.
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