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Re: Hockey Culture
« Reply #405 on: November 09, 2022, 05:39:51 pm »
Hasnít he already paid for his behaviour?  How long is something that began when he was 14 suppose to be held against him?  Yep, he bullied somebody, starting at age 14.  Where were his parents?  Where were school officials?  We donít even hold children fully accountable for murder let alone bullying.  Iím fine if he has to spend a year or two ineligible.  However, thereís no reason, other than woke cancel culture, that he should be banned from the NHL for life. None.

Hilarious that a "tough on crime" guy who thinks that people accused of non-violent crimes should rot in jail if they're poor thinks some shithead hockey player who tormented and racially abused another kid for years and has shown zero remorse or accountability should get a free ticket to the show because he wrote a court mandated letter. Completely warped Boomer brain.

(Also Shiddy seems to think 14 year olds are in Grade 2, which may have been his experience but is definitely not the case here).
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