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Re: Hockey Culture
« Reply #30 on: May 19, 2019, 06:38:11 pm »
49 years later they can get revenge on the Bruins ?

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Re: Hockey Culture
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49 years later they can get revenge on the Bruins ?

The Blues were an OK team in an incredibly weak division, going against Bobby Orr and a number of future Hall of Famers. It was a complete mismatch. Bruins easily swept the Blues in 1970.

This season, the Blues are a strong and skilled team, and bigger and stronger than the Bruins. Boston will have to use speed and skill to beat them.
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Re: Hockey Culture
« Reply #32 on: November 26, 2019, 10:38:37 pm »
After Mike Babcock was fired from the Maple Leafs, a lot of former players made comments about him being a generally crappy person. Mitch Marner talked about an incident in which Babcock asked him to rank his teammates in order of hardest-working to laziest.  Marner did as he was told, and Babcock proceeded to tell the whole team how Marner had ranked them, making an extremely uncomfortable situation for Marner.

Former players have been talking about what a prick Babcock is.

And Mike Commodore absolutely went off on Twitter, calling Babcock all kinds of things that are unprintable and saying that he was spending the night celebrating when he found out that Babcock had been fired.  Commodore also said that if he ended up at a charity golf tournament with Babcock, he'd pound the daylights out of him.

But that was just the start.  Former Calgary Flame Akim Aliu said "Not very surprising the things we’re hearing about Babcock. Apple doesn’t fall far from the Tree, same sort of deal with his protege in YYC. Dropped the N bomb several times towards me in the dressing room in my rookie year because he didn’t like my choice of music." 

"His protege in YYC" refers to Calgary coach Bill Peters, who coached Aliu in the AHL in 2009.  Akim Aliu is black.  Another black player who played for Peters, Sean McMorrow came out to make similar claims.  And a number of other former players who played for Peters have come forward to make claims regarding physical altercations between Peters and players.  One player, Michal Jordan (not THAT Michael Jordan ...this Michal Jordan is a white Czech) said that Peters kicked him in the back while he was on the bench during a game with the Hurricanes. Other former Hurricanes layers confirmed the incident and others to TSN.

As of right now, Bill Peters' assistant coach Geoff Ward is running the Flames practice, and Flames GM Brad Treliving says that they are investigating. Longtime Flames reporter Eric Francis says: "After touching base with various stakeholders in this ugly situation, I can no longer see any scenario in which Bill Peters remains coach of the Flames."

It seems kind of like the Harvey Weinstein situation, where once the genie got out of the bottle, a whole lot more accusations became public.  Once players started talking about what a crappy person Mike Babcock is, other players started telling their own stories.  And like the Weinstein situation, one can't help wonder if there is still more to come.

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