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Re: Granny Dumping
« on: February 05, 2017, 11:38:31 am »
Given the rising cost of caring for the elderly and the lack of resources many families have, 'granny dumping' could become even more prevalent as time goes on.   I, personally, do not want my kids trying to care for me if I lose my faculties.   But what if the cost of a home is prohibitive and I didn't recognize them or myself anyway?  Once my memories and connection to others are gone, my continued existence seems pointless.  So, I really do want the right and ability to decide my own time of death and I'm glad that in Canada, right now, I do have that option.   

I certainly agree...  as long as my mind is working, I want to carry on until my last breath... but if my mind stops functioning I don't know what point there is in being kept alive.

Then again, maybe I would feel differently if I were in that state... maybe if I was stuck in some kind of prolonged blissful daydream, I'd want it to continue forever.

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