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Re: Gender Culture
« Reply #1455 on: October 08, 2020, 02:31:32 am »
Some TERFs were discussing this article today.  It's a perfect example of why I think non-binary is such a gigantic wagon-load of bullshit.

Tessa Solan might look like a young woman, but they wants you to know that they is actually a non-binary non-woman individual!

"I'm not like other girls! Other girls were wearing feminine clothes and getting boyfriends and I just wanted to wear pants and play basketball. Now that I'm non-binary, I can dress how I want and I feel totally comfortable!"

What is the difference between Tessa's non-binary trousers and coats and t-shirts and the trousers and coats and t-shirts that every other young woman has in her closet? GREAT QUESTION, BOB! What makes Tessa's non-binary trousers so special is that they open up a whole world of possibilities that just aren't available for women. Tessa will be able to work outside the home, play sports, drive a car, and who knows, maybe even vote in elections! They is free to be who they wants to be! Just imagine the possibilities!  Shop the new non-binary collection at Sainsbury's UK or order direct from our online shop! Available in they/them, ze/zer and xe/xer, please specify pronouns at time of order.

I have never heard anyone explain non-binary gender-identity without referencing outdated gender stereotypes, and Tessa Solan is no exception.  This stuff isn't just galactically stupid, it's also harmful because it's built on reinforcing gender stereotypes... often negative ones.  Tessa's claim that they is different from other girls makes the implicit claim that other girls are a monolith, and they aren't.

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