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Re: Gender Culture
« Reply #1410 on: November 10, 2019, 02:43:57 pm »
Ok.  I listened to that entire lecture.  It was worse than church.  I listened as a personal favour to you, kimmy.  I respect you and appreciate that you want to hear my thoughts on this.

I really want to extricate myself from this discussion now, but you'll want to know my thoughts.

Firstly, in terms of me being influenced by all of these discussions - you can count this as a 'win'. She (and you) have some definite good points to consider.  I have expressed a desire to let the process unfold, and I can see many problem with the discussion process as it is.  That said, we have one famous case before an HRC so far and it seems to have gone the right way from the perspective of Murphyites.

And... Murphy is a much worse spokesperson for her cause than I had suspected.  She ranks with Peterson as an academic who is too sloppy with language to navigate through a minefield like this.  There is no trust between these stakeholder groups, so if you want to be heard you have to be more careful with your language... and parse it down, watch your tone and leave out characterizations of the ugliness around the arguments.

But she did have some good and even great points.  And some terrible ones.   

I appreciate that you made the effort.   I think you'll agree that there's a considerable disconnect between what the activists told you'd see vs what she actually talked about.  Or at the very least, that there's nothing in her talk that warranted deplatforming, charges of hate speech, or threats of violence.

Yaniv's ball-waxing case has been resolved, but there's a lot more to talk about.

And a lot of discussion of the environment around the discussion, which Trans people do equally also... ie. "this person got beat up, and that person over there got called a name - and now therefore here are my arguments"

The environment around the discussion has become an unavoidable part of the discussion.  The effort by trans activists and allies to silence all debate has become one of the major characteristics of this conflict.

Masked for your safety.
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