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Re: Gender Culture
« Reply #15 on: June 17, 2017, 11:32:04 am »
Right, but that is an edge case for a safe space. 

I'm not sure it's an edge case. Based on some of the statistics going around, it seems that a lot of women have actually had traumatic experiences with men.  Maybe it's not unreasonable that such people would want a ****-free environment to relax in.

And, although it's a practical concern, it doesn't come into the question about rights.

There's a subjective judgment being made here, that one kind of discrimination is allowable but another is not.  It's acceptable for some people to want a safe-space, but not for others.

People are not obliged to provide women-only spaces, but they can't discriminate (a 2nd time) if they do.

Well then there's that. This whole discussion kind of tippy-toes around the fact that we've already agreed that some amount of discrimination is acceptable. If people really feel that strongly about discrimination, then maybe we should just let everybody in. Rebrand Spa Lady as Spa Human.

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