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Re: Gender Culture
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Sure, but you are missing the point that the government doesn't allow your tastes to dictate policy for a 'public' business, or policy in general.  People can be uncomfortable with public toplessness, or women attending their golf club, or Jews or blacks attending their restaurant.  In the 1960s, the US decided to enforce a national morality on people.  Of course you have a right to not go.

No, I completely understand that point.  But government can't simply wave a magic wand and change people's attitudes.

As you say, people have a right to not go. And as I said earlier, I believe a significant number of women will exercise that option if they are uncomfortable with the outcome of this.  I believe this is exactly the reason for BodyBlitz's reluctance to get on board with the ****.

If women are told they must share locker room and shower facilities with people with penises, many will take their business to establishments where they are provided more privacy-- individual shower stalls and private changing cubicles, perhaps.  If women are told that this clothing-optional space must admit customers with penises who identify as female, then they may rethink whether they want to belong to a clothing-optional space at all.

That might have an effect on whether BodyBlitz remains a commercially viable operation, or it might not.

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