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Re: Gender Culture
« on: June 12, 2017, 09:01:18 pm »
I did, but you just added a bit about sports.  I don't know what the rules are around that and have no opinion on it.

No i added a bit before that.  I said before, which you quoted:  "Trans women, in my opinion, are female in gender but male in biological sex..."

I changed that, this:  "Trans women, in my opinion, are female in gender but male in biological sex...unless they've had hormone therapy & surgery, then they're part male & part female biologically.
What about it ?  Gender is fluid as you say.  I acknowledge that you have an opinion but as I said these issues will go to the law for mitigation and it will get political.

Well, what I'm saying is gender is an expression of masculine or feminine and is fluid, but biology is much harder to change, and most of biology you can't change.  If you're a male, and remove your **** and surgically make a mock-**** and insert artificial breasts and take hormone therapies...does that make you female in biology? I would argue it makes you more female in biology, but also can't change male chromosomes or male muscle & bone structure.  So biologically, a trans woman post-transition...are they male, female, or a bit of both?

As for pronouns, I'll call a trans male a he if they want, i'll call a gender neutral person "they" if they want.  As for the other pronouns like xe or xer etc., i'd have to learn more about it.  Using "they" or anything other than male or female sounds most practical for everyone though.

I worked closely with somebody who is trans, so I listened to what others did.  I'm a middle-aged male who is new to these things, but luckily I have some sense so I picked up on it.  We are good friends now.

What made me think about this issue more was a heartbreaking post about this person, who is so strong and capable, and how they were utterly broken until they made this change.  It was heartbreaking.  Luckily I have a soul.

It would be interesting to know somebody who is trans, to learn from their perspective.  I respect everyone's right to be whatever they want to be, I don't care in fact I think it's great.  What's important though is that even though we need to take people's feelings into account, facts also must be considered and I believe are of primary importance even if they hurt someone's feelings.  I will call a ie: trans woman as "she" because they are female in gender, but to pretend they are female in all aspects including 100% in biology I will not, because it's contrary to science and the facts.  I know that many trans people want to desperately be of the opposite biological sex as they were born, hence all of the medical procedures they have, but this isn't possible, at least not fully.  That's why I don't think trans women should compete against born-women in competitive sports like the Olympics.  It would be completely ridiculous.  Imagine if Bruce Jenner had been Caitlyn Jenner in their Olympic hey-day.  It would have been a sham, Caitlyn could have won every medal, and broke records that could never be matched except by other trans women.  It might hurt the feelings of trans women to not be considered the "same" as other women, but they aren't quite the same, objectively.  Same with trans men.

If the law wants to state that women and trans women are the same biologically, well fine but it still doesn't make it true.  I think compelling other people by law to pretend that they are would be dangerous.  But hey maybe I'm wrong, I'm willing to listen to other arguments, these social conundrums these issues raise are new to everyone, we need to find the proper solutions that respect everyone.
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