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Re: Gender Culture
« on: June 12, 2017, 12:56:17 pm »
But I feel that locker-rooms, changing rooms, and showers are a different story. I simply don't want to change or shower in the presence of someone with male anatomy.   It would be unsettling and uncomfortable for me, regardless of whether they consider themselves male or female.  I understand that might be hurtful to some trans people, but that's the reality of it.  It's not a switch I could just turn off.   

That's fair.  When I first read your post and I pictured a moment like that, I kind of agreed it would be awkward.

But upon reflecting on it more, I don't see why it should be other than the fact that it's something not familiar. 

Is it awkward to change in front of a lesbian woman who very well may be looking at me sexually?  Not at all but probably because I've been around lesbians all my life.

Another thing, other than the showers at my local pool, every gym I've ever visited has changing rooms so this wouldn't be about anyone seeing me naked, it would be about ME seeing a woman with a pe-nis (can't believe that's too vulgar for the forum) who is comfortable enough with her body to get naked in an open room. 

Then the onus is therefore on me, not on them. 

I think this decision is based on the same notion as the bathroom rules where they're not worried about 'real' transgender women, but creepy straight men in wigs trying to be peeping toms. 

In order to not discriminate and have to leave it up to judgement, it's a systematic rule.

I can see the other side but I think it's discriminatory at the same time.  Personally I don't agree.
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