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Re: Gender Culture
« on: June 12, 2017, 06:07:34 am »
I consider 50 years to be 'soon', so I see it coming absolutely.

I don't have any real stake in this discussion, other than the fact that I am an ally and this involves a human rights question in a country where I am a citizen, but if you are interested, I will offer some observation.

I am a McLuhanite to a fault, and we are perhaps at the end of the electronic era, wherein we are returning to our oral, and tribal roots.  As such, this may be the last fight between the dominance of the literate age and the electronic one.  I can't do justice to his many writings about clothing, but he explained that clothing and costume denoted one's place in society.  Nudity is a shocking thing to a Victorian whereas tribal people, he wrote, merely see nudity as pathetic.

As such, this question make take us back to the origins of humans as the first big book explained it: in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve saw that they were naked and they were ashamed.  For us to roll back to a place where nudity is just nudity we will negate that rule.

Personally, my experience with nudity is elementary: as a child, I participated in a backyard game of 'flashing' with a group of other kids and it was a big deal.  As such, I have never been comfortable with it.  In the last decade, I became part of the BurningMan community where nudity is simply an expression of onesself and I had to get comfortable being around it but never participated.  I don't feel comfortable being naked in locker rooms, even, and to me that's the challenge.

Women can legally go **** in Ontario, but they don't.  Nudity at Pride has been a sore point for upstanding citizens who need a reason to get upset.  There's nothing in the constitution to prevent nudity from being legal, and I do think it's coming.

I think that is the choice that will emerge: do you want to be **** in an environment or not ?  It will be your choice.  As someone pointed out to me, women-only gyms exist as a descriminatory exception because they offer a 'safe space' and that is something that trans women need perhaps more than anyone.  Trans men ARE allowed at this spa.