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Re: Gender Culture
« Reply #2790 on: January 26, 2023, 04:18:59 am »
uhhhh, maybe?

Your initial premise was that people shouldn't flip out over this because it would get "handled".  I think we're both in agreement now that it has not been "handled" in any satisfactory way, right?

So what should happen next?

I don't think that shrugging our shoulders and saying "the fates have decided" is acceptable, and I also don't think that sending bomb threats to the school is acceptable (there were two last week), so I don't know what happens next. A lawsuit from a female staffer or student is the only constructive option I can think of.

Any ideas?

So apparently the threat of a lawsuit is exactly what it needed for this to get "handled".  As if by magic a dress code has suddenly become possible. How astounding!

Inflicting this degrading spectacle on the girls at that school every day for 4 months could not inspire these scumbags to give a ****, but hire a lawyer and suddenly they care.

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