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People feel that way about me when they see me swear in real life.  I never swore - ever.  About 7 years ago, I worked in a boys home.  The foster parent swore like a sailor (he died a few years back).  Ever since then, it's been part of my vocabulary (in most circumstances, anyway).  People who don't see me that much are still used to the guy that never swore.

That's my useless story that no one wanted to hear for today.

I was working as a security guard while going to college, taking business administration. It was very hard keeping my language straight. The first group would have thought I was acting like a snob if I talked the way I did at college. The second group would have thought I was some kind of goon if I talked with them and used a lot of curses. Needless to say, I sometimes came out with nasty words at inappropriate times, and sometimes came out with language that would lead other people to ask if I'd swallowed a dictionary (not a thesaurus as most of them didn't know what a thesaurus was)
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