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Re: Festivus
« Reply #15 on: December 25, 2020, 05:23:44 pm »
Anyone ever notice how white baby Jesus is?

Jesus was from the Middle East 2000 years ago....   he wasn’t white with blonde hair!  Haha

Here’s an interesting article by a Christian who thinks it matters what colour Jesus is depicted as:

(You only get to read half the article, but the point is made by then).

Good article about a salient point, especially today. I am as pasty white as they come but I remember back in the day, after I had the opportunity to study geography classes in school, I asked my mom one year as we approached Christmas if JC was white. She said no and confirmed my suspicions that not a lot of white people are born in Nazareth. She also pointed out that different cultures who accept Christ portray him as their own, i.e. a black Christ, yellow Christ, etc. That made some sense to me. Any case, end of the day I'm not religious so I guess I'll burn in hell. So Merry Xmas and pass the popcorn.
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