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Female sexual predators
« on: February 12, 2018, 11:09:57 am »
Comments on the other couple of threads about men being taken down over accusations from women made me wonder about men being raped and sexually assaulted, and what they do about it.  I found an article in the Atlantic which had some surprising numbers regarding the prevalence of females victimizing males.

Among men who are sexually assaulted, studies indicate that more than half are victimized by women; in college and highschool, 43% of males reported having unwanted sexual contact, and 90% of those contacts were with women.   In prisons among staff members who victimize inmates, 80% of the inmates said their attacker was female.   In female prisons, 13% of inmates reported being victimized by other inmates; in male prisons, only 4% reported assaults by other inmates.   A study of 43,000 people who self-reported sexual coercion revealed that 43% of perpetrators were female, and 56% were male.  Despite this, if a woman is reported, she is less likely to be investigated, arrested or punished than a man.

The article also has a link to a page where readers write in and many men wrote anonymously about their experiences.  It really is an eye-opener, especially that these men report the same feelings of confusion and uncertainty that women have reported for decades, along with subsequent behavior that is very similar to what women have exhibited.   What men also experience is a societal belief that they welcome all sexual contact and that an erect ****=consent; to say "I was forced into sexual intercourse" is not compatible with those views.

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