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Re: fake Melania !
« on: October 19, 2017, 03:12:46 am »
Obviously: like Queen Amidala, Melania Trump uses an elaborately costumed body-double to foil would-be assassins!

Observers have noticed that a Secret Service agent assigned to Melania Trump looks more than a little like Mrs Trump herself:

But which one is the real Mrs Trump?? Maybe the real Melania is lurking a few steps behind, as this look-alike Secret Service agent walks beside the President, ready to protect the Preident, and ready to take a sniper bullet intended for Melania as well.

This would explain why she slapped Trump's hand away in that video clip!

Trump: "Want to grab the hiney."
S.S. Agent: "No grabby. Working."

For this conspiracy theory to really take off, though, I think it has to involve Obama or Da Jooos. 
 * "Obama replaces Melania Trump with pod-grown clone!"
 * "Globalist Kushner replaces mother-in-law with mindless automaton!"

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