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Re: fake Melania !
« on: June 02, 2018, 12:46:27 pm »
The Fake Melania conspiracy theory seems to have faded, but now people are asking: "Where is Melania?"   She went in for kidney surgery 3 weeks ago, and has not been seen since!

As you can imagine there are many conspiracy theories going around...

 -her "face is bleeding badly from a face-lift" and she does not want to be seen in public until she heals.
 -or maybe El Trumpo hit her and she can not be seen in public until she heals.
 -she has fled the White House and is preparing for a divorce.
 -she has fled the White House and is living with Barack and Michelle as she writes a tell-all book.
 -she has been abducted by a foreign power and is being used to blackmail the President.
 -she is dead.

My personal suspicion is that when she returns to the public eye, she will have mysteriously grown breasts that are one size larger than those of Stormy Daniels.

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