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Re: Experimental Music Thread !
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If you are referring to the song "Jugband Blues," it is the last song original singer Syd Barrett wrote for the band.  Before the release of the album, they replaced Barrett with his college friend David Gilnour, and the rest of history.  If you actually read the lyrics to Jugbad Blues, it is incredibly sad, as Barrett knew he was going insane, and the lyrics reflect it.  Barrett's schizophrenia and breakdown would be the inspiration for future albums such as "Dark Side of the Moon," "Wish You Were Here," and "The Wall."

I don't know much about the Syd Barrett years.  I find a lot of their earlier stuff extremely difficult to listen to. Now that you've mentioned it, it makes perfect sense that some of their work was inspired by Barrett.  I have always wondered if Waters himself had mental health issues... he seems to write really dark depressing songs and had an ugly breakup with the rest of the group.

I wasn't referring to Jugband Blues, I was referring to the last 5 minutes of the song Saucerful of Secrets, not the last 5 minutes of the album.  Saucerful (the song, not the album) has 4 distinct parts, and the final portion is referred to as "Celestial Voices".   The studio version is kind of lifeless, but there are several live versions that are truly wonderful.

This is my favorite version. It starts off mournful, but as it builds energy it becomes joyful and affirming. Waters plays his bass with continuously increasing vigor, truly hammering on it by halfway through. Of all the versions I have heard, this one showcases Wright's beautiful organ sound the best:

And this one was recorded at Albert Hall with a full orchestra and choir.  Wayyyy over the top, IMO:

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