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Re: Experimental Music Thread !
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Black Mountain are a Vancouver band who make some pretty unusual music. I posted a few of their songs in the All Purpose Music Thread a while back.

I thought I'd revive this thread to post this ... uh, opus magnum.

This is not specifically too good... at times it teeters on the brink of becoming a total trainwreck.  Still, I find it endearing for some reason.  I admire their ambition.  They obviously decided to really swing for the fences here.  It seems like they had a dream of creating a gigantic prog-rock epic.   Like Pink Floyd's "Echoes" or Rush's "2112 Overture" or a Godspeed You Black Emperor! instrumental, this is a mini-opera in several parts.  A four minute intro, a three minute hard rock eruption, a four minute organ-centered instrumental interlude that really reminds me of Pink Floyd, and a slow-building final act that brings the overall runtime to almost 17 minutes.

As with other Black Mountain songs, it's undone by pretty bad vocals... but it's redeemed somewhat by some lovely instrumental work and the sheer audacity of the piece. The poor girl opens her throat and screams like a banshee with no fear of how ridiculous she might sound... and she does sound pretty ridiculous, and I admire her for it. They seem to completely lack the self-consciousness to realize that they're just not talented enough to make this work.

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