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Re: Experimental Music Thread !
« Reply #15 on: December 03, 2017, 11:09:14 am »
Yes, wow, I have heard of them.  How does it work that Montreal continuously incubates great music ?

Maybe being at the center of a collision of many cultures? 

Another Montreal outfit, We Are Wolves. I first heard them because one of their songs was in the soundtrack of a car racing video game at least 10 years ago.


Vamos a la playa -- Let's go to the beach!  I found this inexplicably catchy. Grinding, droning organ sound, drums that sound like they're being played by Donkey Kong, a simple barely there melody, a kazoo at one point, and a video that they filmed on a budget of $6.  $5 of which was spent buying enough MDMA to get the girl to take off her clothes.

This is the song from the video game. I actually discovered quite a few bands I'd never heard of through the Need For Speed video game soundtracks, which included quite a variety of music.  I believe that bands or their management actually contact video game developers in hopes of getting their music on the soundtrack. It can lead to massive exposure (Cage The Elephant and No Rest For The Wicked being an extreme example.)  I don't care for the vocals, but I found the intense DeepPurplesque organ sound to be cool.

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