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Re: Experimental Music Thread !
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Godspeed! You Black Emperor is a Montreal band/group/orchestra/thing.   Their songs are instrumental, some having audio clips or spoken-word monologues added...  I gather their live performances are multimedia intensive, and their lineup includes a projectionist (in addition to 3 guitar players, two bass players, two drummers, a violin player, and possibly a cellist or trumpet player depending who shows up that day.

I discovered this music in my moody late teens, when Napster was still a thing.  I didn't realize they were still active, but they apparently reformed in 2010 and released a new album in September.

Their songs are, like "A Saucer Full of Secrets", soundscapes that evoke feelings and moods rather than thoughts. Musical themes appear and then evolve into other themes then vanish to be replaced by other themes.  Some of these themes are loud and aggressive, others are dreamy or sleepy, or panicked and frenetic... having a hard time deciding which ones to post, as there are several I really like.  "Providence" and "Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls" are honorable mentions, but I think "the Dead Flag Blues" and "Storm"  illustrate the range of moods that GYBE creates.

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